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Top Business Books 


"The Billionaire's Brain is a Clear, Concise and a Tremendously Powerful Document that Combines the Most Valuable Takeaways

 & Secrets from some of the most Coveted Business Books into a SUPER BRAIN OF WEALTH BUILDING STRATEGIES.."






The Billionaire's Brain combines the best ideas from the savviest, richest entrepreneurs on the planet into a "Super-Brain" of business strategies.


Redundant ideas have been removed and non-essential fluff eliminated - all sifted down into nothing but pure business information gold!


Experience the Power of Pure Simplicity- Instead of overwhelming you with tons of lengthy, drawn-out, fluff-filled information, The Billionaire's's Brain taps into the power of simplicity with clear, concise, and organized content. It's less about quantity, and MORE about quality! It will save you hundreds of hours of your precious time, and thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses.



The Billionaire's Brain is NOT the typical product developed over the weekend, containing nothing more than several dozen pages of plain, boring text with some font changes thrown in every once in a while.

Not hardly. It took me...

More than 3 years of intense, focused reading and note-taking
Thousands of hours capturing, editing, organizing & formatting
TONS of testing


In other words… a lot of blood, sweat & tears.

But that's OK, because I SET OUT to do something different, and most importantly, something that will get YOU results the first time you use it!

With The Billionaire's Brain, you'll indeed have a tool with the sole purpose of impressing a master wealth builder's mindset into your brain in the least amount of time!

The Billionaire's Brain is the BEST 'burn-it-into-your-brain' business learning package you've ever seen! It represents more than 3 years of focused reading, collecting and organizing the BEST business tips, techniques, and concepts from some of the classic books on business into memorable learning sheets that will totally transform your ability to put ideas into action more effectively!


Armed with this enormous knowledge, you'll know more about creating wealth than 99% of the people on the planet and always have an unfair advantage over anyone in any given situation. Your fundamental know-how about various aspects of business will become so strong, that you'll increase your chances of financial success by literally thousands of percent.


Billionaires Brain Volume I - Summaries of 42 Top Books on Personal Development & Business Fundamentals

Billionaires Brain Volume II -  Summaries of 32 Top Books on Business Growth Strategies & Making Millions

Billionaires Brain Volume III -  Summaries of 26 Top Books on Marketing,Sales,Advertising & Branding

Billionaires Brain Volume IV - Summaries of 25 Top Books on Mega Success, Leadership & Billion Dollar Companies

  Volume V,VI & VII already on it's way..


Below is the list of all the books included in the current package..


You'll get a short 10-page report on every book outlining the key concepts, ideas & strategies in an easy to grasp way, that'll save you countless hours of time reading and making notes yourself. Now you can spend more time putting ideas into action, and less time reading hundreds of pages of these business books.

I've done the hard work,

so You don't have to


I've spent countless hours into focused reading, collecting & organizing volumes of information into these visually crafted short reports that will totally transform your ability to put ideas into action. I can personally guarantee that my product will EMPOWER YOU like nothing you've ever experienced before.
You'll discover the best of the best Information, Wisdom, Tools and Strategies from the masters of the game about how to create mega wealth by building super-successful companies.


The idea behind sharing my personal notes with other aspiring entrepreneurs like me is very simple. I want you to experience the same kind of confidence and self-esteem I have, beat your learning curve by decades and be on your way to make millions just like me.

I had this noble idea of contributing to other people's success and not wait for the perfect time to do it. Hence decided to make my personal notes available to other fellow entrepreneurs.

I attribute all my business success to these books. I'm on my way to build my third multi-million dollar company, hope it does the same for you. I can assure you, greasing through these notes will directly effect your business growth immediately - it has done so for many others.



100% Real Testimonials..

  These are just some of the testimonials, I've hundreds more..   


Don't wish to signup? No problem. I've made one of the sample report available here:  Think and Grow Rich

(It will open in a new window, you can view it in your browser, or save on your computer)

I highly recommend that you get the other three books, as you may know all three of them are groundbreaking Classics in their own right.


 "Reasons Why You Should Invest in This Highly Concentrated Wealth Building Information and Not Make Another Business Decision Without It!"


1. Gain 100+ years of business wisdom within Days

Legendary entrepreneurs like Warren Buffet, Jobs, Gates and many others have spent billions of dollars in testing their strategies for effectiveness…and it was money well spent - it is only stupid of us if we don't capitalize on their successful & unsuccessful strategies.

Now you have access to 100+ years of solid business information that you can tap into anytime you need.

2. Hundreds of Proven Strategies at your Convenience

You have access to set of proven strategies in almost every area of your business organized from 125 Books (approximately 35,000 pages), condensed into visually appealing cliff notes - that you can grease through anytime and re-learn the strategies you learnt earlier.


3. Unfair Advantage over your competition always

Having the knowledge and insights from these books gives you the unfair advantage over your competition hands down. You'll be fully equipped with the knowledge, the tools, the mindsets and concepts used to by the most successful entrepreneurs to stay ahead of your competition in any given day.. be it in negotiating, growth, marketing, hiring or any other department.

4. Train your Team easily in any area of business

This is one of the biggest benefit of using the Billionaire's Brain - Now empower your team with these notes.. With these powerful cliff notes, you can train and arm your team members with different skill sets and make them high-performance individuals just like you.

I quite often use them to enhance my team's performance and skills, and most of the time I'm surprised by the results it gets me. You can turn anyone into a Branding & marketing expert, a better manager, a smooth negotiator, a professional presenter, a pro salesman if you can get them to spend some quality time with the notes.


5. Lay a STRONG foundation for Mega Success


These books have stood the test of time. While there are surely books from the last few years that could help you, it is absolutely vital that you lay a foundation with books proven invaluable by the test of time. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or have been building your company for years, these books are full of wisdom and advice that can help you lay a strong foundation to achieve the highest level of success in your field.


6. Gain a Self-Esteem of a Giant


Once you imbibe the knowledge from all these books, you'll have the self-esteem of a seasoned entrepreneur and be capable of taking on bigger challenges in your career. Self-esteem is the bed-rock for excellence in business. Acquiring such volume of knowledge will instantly boost your self-esteem like nothing you've experienced before. You'll be well prepared and confident to face the biggest, most complex business challenges head on.


7. Implement more Effectively


Now you'll remember more of what you've read. By reading these short reports, your comprehension and retention of the key ideas will increase. That means you'll be able to use more of what you're reading from each book. Numerous studies have shown that you will actually remember more ideas by reading a summary than you will by reading the entire book. It's the quality / quantity trade-off -- a concise summary identifies the key points and leaves out irrelevant filler, letting you focus more clearly on key issues.


8. Save Thousands of Dollars & Years of Reading


It's cheaper to invest a small amount rather than buying the entire book. You can buy the book with confidence, after reading the summary and knowing it will be directly applicable to your current  requirements. The amount of time I spent to read every book, organize the key concepts and create these professional formatted summaries is about three years of focused work. Now you can own all that hard work within minutes and beat your learning curve in business by decades.

  Is This For Me? 

  • Are you a struggling entrepreneur with a deep desire to become a multi-millionaire or a billionaire someday?


  • Are you starting a new company?.. or looking for fresh new ideas to take an  existing one the next level?


  • Are you a mid or senior level manager of a growth hungry company?


  • Are you a business consultant looking to expand your skills & knowledge to be able to cater to higher-end clients?


  • Are you looking for a mentor  who can take 'YOU' to the next level?


  • Do you have big financial dreams that only a business can fulfill.. but have completely no experience in business?


  • Are you unsatisfied with your achievements and wish to unlock your full potential?


  • Do you dream of living the life of unbound abundance and  personal freedom to be, do or have anything you desire in this world and making a real difference in the world?


If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then I can assure you that , the Billionaire's Brain is going to be your single greatest tool to help you achieve those goals & dreams in the shortest period of time humanly possible.


This product is for anyone who's serious about their financial success. The knowledge captured within these pages will help a salesman as well as a CEO of a Fortune 100 company in their own way.


My product is the closest thing to having a worldclass mentor guiding you at every step you take forward in achieving your financial goals - it's like the greatest money making minds in a single source revealing their secrets & shortcuts to you.

Unlike most books which just overwhelm you with pages and pages of content that cost you hours and hours to pore through and (hopefully) extract the most valuable content, this document is a clear, concise, and tremendously powerful … with just a few pages laser-focused only on the most valuable takeaways and secrets.

It does this in two main ways: In a single glance you not only get a 'bird's- eye' view of the information as a whole, but you can also easily see how all the various pieces of the topic fit together with one another. 

My product is the closest thing to a 'Guarantee' to your financial success in life!

You'll have the knowledge to take on the biggest corporations, smartest CEOs, the biggest investors , the toughest situation with the confidence that you've the wisdom of the brightest, most successful entrepreneurs behind you.

It is that inner strength, the self confidence and the self esteem boost that will allow you to take bigger risks in life.. and converting them into bigger rewards.

If you've made up your mind to accumulate greater wealth in life, keep in mind that this product will be your single greatest tool to achieve your wealth objectives.


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I've received tremendous response from people so far and hence have decided to turn this into a real business. Billionaire's Brain will be shifted to Clickbank anytime soon, once we move to Clickbank we will have to stick to one price through out the year.

Before we shift to Clickbank in a few days, we want to reach out to as many entrepreneurs as possible. I sincerely urge you to take advantage of this Offer and buy the Billionaire'sBrain for a massive 30% OFF when it's still available on this site! This is an One-Time offer and will never be available once we move to our new destination at Clickbank.

..A Killer Bonus Worth
$200 Absolutely Free!

Top Business Book Summaries of All Time


  So here's what you get today..  
All 125 Top Business Book Summaries (Value $97)  
  These 1250+page 'Cliff Notes On Steroids' are so POWERFUL  they Visually 'Burn' The Mindset Of A World class Entrepreneur Into Your Head.

Every book is condensed into 10-12 page report with the best ideas & takeaways to put ideas into action rapidly, here's a sample :
Think and grow Rich.



Free Updates up to Volume V,VI & VII
(Value $388)
  Every 3-6 months I do my best to add 20-25 new books to continue helping our clients save enormous amounts of time. When you buy today you'll also get my future updates for the entire year. The next three updates are going to be 100-125 of the best books of Finance & Investing, Real Estate, Technology & Digital Startups. When you buy today, you automatically signup to all future updates at no additional costs.

1600 Professional Business Templates
(Value $200)
  These legal business templates will help you run your business in a much smarter way & save you lot on legal fees. Moreover using these professionally done templates will make your company look much bigger than you currently are. A better perception always pays well.

One Time Discount Offer of 30%
(Value $30)
  Since we're moving to Clickbank, we have chosen to help as many entrepreneurs as possible by keeping the price to the lowest on this site. This massive discount will not be available once we move to Clickbank.  
100+ Years of proven business strategies from over 121 of the most successful entrepreneurs & thinkers.. powerfully crafted, visually designed for highest retention & implementation of key ideas & concepts.. and all of these for less money than a decent dinner for two.

Arm yourself with this massive business knowledge and achieve your wildest financial goals in record time!


(To pay with Skrill, iKobo, Xoom or Bitcoin feel free to contact me at )

You'll not find anything close to the Billionaires' Brain in the marketplace.. and at the current price.. it's impossible. There are similar products in the range of $200-$300 covering only much lesser books, moreover you're tied up with monthly plans and complicated download restrictions. With Billionaire's Brain, you have the whole thing to yourself - and there's no hidden charges or recurring billing.

Click here to Order Now at $97 $67 Only!

Some Food for Thought: In the year 1900 there were only 5000 millionaires in America, year 2000 there were 5 Million Millionaires, That's an Increase of 1000 Times. In 2013 there were 13 Million Millionaires in America and and over 30 Million Millionaires in the world. The number of new Millionaires are growing at a staggering 33% and Virtually all of the new millionaires are self-made and made it one generation. The number of Billionaires crossed 2000 in 2013 and more than 1000 Billionaires are unidentified. 

More people are going to make more money in the next few years than in all of human history combined.


There are an undetermined number of people who are destined to join the ranks of the very, very wealthy living the life of their dreams. But There are also many millions of people who will never become rich. Their hopes and dreams are just as important to them as those of the future billionaires, but their plans will not turn into tangible realities.


Merely desiring riches is easy. The popularity of lotteries proves that millions of people want to be extremely wealthy. Only a handful of people become super-rich, however. This shows that making up your mind to be superrich is an altogether different matter. Genuinely resolving to become 'wealthy' means committing yourself wholeheartedly to the goal. It means subordinating all other goals to an all-consuming quest for wealth. If you're one of them, then this is going to be the most important letter you'll ever read!


Regardless of whether you set your target as high as a billion dollars or only a few millions , you will improve your chances for achieving your personal wealth objectives by thousands of percent if you employ these strategies and principles discussed inside the Billionaire's Brain.


PS: If you think Billionaire's Brain can help you, I highly encourage you to buy it today rather than later. Very soon the price will be reversed back to $97. If you've noticed the price has already been increased to $67 from $47. Only a few more copies will be sold at this current offer, before we move our business to clickbank and permanently sell at our original price of $97. Don't hate yourself for missing out on our Special Deal, as this bargain along with Bonus and Free Life-time updates won't last for long. Claim your copy today!




The current cost of the The Billionaire's Brain is $67 only. The product is a set of 9-12 page book summaries (1250 in total pages)  that can be viewed in any operating systems across desktops,mobile phone,tablets & ebook readers. You would require Adobe Pdf Reader to view the files. You would require Winzip (free software) to extract the files from zip format. The product will be immediately delivered to your email after successful completion of your payment. For iPhone,iPad and other smart devices, we can send you directly through Dropbox for instant viewing.


For any query regarding an issue or a suggestion you can contact me here : thebillionairesbrain @




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